Nose Piercings – Things to Keep In Mind

Nose Piercings – Things to Keep In Mind

Nose piercing or nostril jewelry piercing, as it’s commonly known, is the frequent piercing of the flesh or cartilage that forms any significant portion of the nose, usually for the purpose of wearing nose jewelry, such as a nose-band or nose stud. Among the various types of nose piercings, however, the nostril piercing (sometimes referred to as a nose screw) is perhaps the most popular. For this reason, a large number of people choose to get their nostrils pierced after they have achieved puberty. As teenagers become more involved with such extreme bodily modification, however, the practice of piercing the nose starts to gain in popularity among young adults, who are looking for a way to rebel against the expectations of societal and sex roles. While nose rings once served as a physical reminder of one’s heritage, today’s nose rings can be a fashionable and bold fashion statement. Do you want to learn more? Click NosePiercing.

The Benefits

Nostril jewelry can have a number of beneficial benefits, but perhaps the most important benefit of all is its aesthetic value. While nose rings can serve as decorative pieces, septum plugs serve a functional purpose in the body. They allow air to flow through the nose while preventing mucus from entering the nose and throat, while preventing irritants from entering the eye area. In addition, septum plugs help maintain the balance of the septum, which serves as an anatomical barrier against harmful bacteria and other substances. By allowing air to flow through the nose and throat, while keeping mucus out of these areas, plugs help to keep the body healthy overall.

Proper aftercare

A regular maintenance regimen is best for nose piercing, but there are some easy steps that jewelry owners can take to ensure that their pieces do not cause any damage. The first step is to carefully remove the jewelry during the piercer’s professional consultation, to avoid causing any damage to the skin around the nostrils or the cartilage. Following this, the jewelry should always be properly stored away from the piercing site to avoid potential infection. Finally, the best way to avoid infection is to avoid getting the piercing in the first place!

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