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Most small-vehicle drivers prefer to give commercial trucks the right of way on the lane, even if it is not always safe. When a car, a small truck, or a motorcycle collides with one of these large vehicles, the people in the small vehicle are likely to be seriously injured, if not killed.Learn more by visiting Riverside Truck Accident Attorney

One thing a truck accident lawyer should be able to tell you is what causes crashes between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles. Truck drivers have a challenging job; they must move goods from one location to another as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. As gas prices rise, manufacturers are reducing the size of their fleets. Some work is now offered to independents who might be forced to cut corners in order to stay in company. These corners may be using legal or illegal stimulants to keep alive, as well as holding too much weight for the truck. States also reduced the number of weigh stations to balance budgets and allow larger trucks to pass. A weight change in a large 18-wheeler will cause the truck to skid or jackknife, which would almost certainly cause other vehicles on the highway to collide.

Truck drivers are more likely than other drivers to drive while inebriated, either to make up for lost time or due to some other problem. It’s terrifying enough to picture a drunk or disabled driver in a car, but it’s even scarier in a “big rig.” A truck accident lawyer will assist you or your relatives in determining who is to blame for the accident. If the truck driver is to blame, he might not be the only one you can sue. Your attorney will consult with you to decide if you have a case against the trucking company, the production company, or others.