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Because there are so many technological gadgets in front of us to do just about anything a person could ever need, or, more importantly, want, this time period is referred to as the digital age by many people. Simply looking outside and noticing a ten-year-old with his own cell phone so that his mother does not have to worry about him is proof of this. It can also be seen by looking at your phone closely and noting how many features are installed on it, even if you never use them.Learn more by visiting Can a shattered cell phone screen be fixed? – Business Module Hub

Even a basic phone is no longer basic, as it is now equipped with numerous features such as GPS, MP3 player capabilities, an organizer, scheduler, video camera, regular camera, and, in most cases, blue tooth. Even if you do not pay to have the service enabled, most phones have the ability to browse the internet. Remember that these are just the features on a regular phone; upgrade to a Smartphone and you get access to dozens of apps that allow you to do things on your phone you never thought possible, such as surf the internet, connect to social networking sites, chat on instant messaging services, and even play full-fledged games that require an internet connection. With so many extra features being built into cell phones these days, it should come as no surprise that about 25% of all new phones, such as Samsung, Sanyo, and Motorola, to name a few, may require repair within the first year of use, because there are now many more things that can go wrong with a phone than ever before. This creates a potential problem if you need to replace your cell phone, because while you may have gotten your phone for free or at a significant discount, there is no such option when it comes to cell phone repair. Providers and carriers offer those deals in exchange for a two-year contract stating that you will stay with them.