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A healthy person would have an average of around one hundred thousand strands of hair, which remains relatively constant through life. Although this is genetically based, but pollution accelerates the loss of hair. Hair loss of more than 100 strands a day is of concern. Click this link now SMP Services

In men, millions of women, hair loss and hair thinning occur. There are several potential causes that could lead to this disorder, even diseases.

There are several products and services on the market that claim to grow hair. However, there are multiple contributing factors, which makes it difficult to address each one of them. In addition, surgical procedures and scalp conditions may leave scars that hinder hair growth

Pigment is being applied to the scalp is used to give the illusion of having a fullness As when getting a tattoo, the process is done using finer needles. the inks are developed to maintain their colour for as long as possible, including for people with grey hair.

The aim of hair simulation is to make bald spots as realistic as possible. the colour of the drawing medium, the thickness and the angle of the needle are determined based on the hair’

The follicle treatment is harmless as long as the needle is fresh and is administered by a specialist. it lasts for decades, although a touch-up may be needed, and then you need to commit to it Verify that you see the outcomes first in clinics like these to see if you want to proceed with the procedure.