A New Peptide Treatment For Healing Acne Scars

Over the last few years, peptides have risen to the forefront of the skin care industry, with a wide range of treatments. While they are best known for removing wrinkles, their use is not limited to that. Peptides have been used to treat burn patients as well as to eliminate discoloration from the skin. Peptides have recently made their way out of anti-aging and into another common treatment: acne scar removal. Since peptides function at the cellular level of the skin, they are excellent at stimulating the growth of new skin cells, which not only heals wrinkles but also the damaged tissue associated with acne scars. next
The peptide in question is called Collaxyl. Collaxyl is a polypeptide that goes deep into the skin to repair damaged and even dead tissue. Collaxyl was added to a sample of dead skin and damaged tissue in a clinical trial. Collaxyl was found to fully heal the damaged tissue sample after just one dose was applied and a 72-hour wait period. Scientists have converted this ingredient into a cure for acne scars and this is by far the most impressive tissue repair results they’ve ever seen.
Acne scars are far more common than you would think, and as anyone who has had them knows, getting rid of them is far more complicated than getting them in the first place. What’s more aggravating is that acne scarring is normal because it’s a side effect of your skin’s natural acne protection. Acne is caused by bacteria developing in the skin, along with excess soil, oils, and dead skin cells, as most of us are aware. When a breakout occurs, the skin’s normal response is to flood the affected area with white blood cells, which nourish and treat the acne. Although this heals the breakout, it also provides so much blood supply to the skin that the tissue remains inflamed and weakened for periods of time ranging from a few days to a few years, and in some serious cases, for the rest of one’s life.
Acne scars may grow as a result of the skin’s condition immediately following an acne breakout. Many people make the mistake of leaving this disorder untreated, which may result in extreme acne scarring. Collaxyl comes in handy in this case. Through applying this ingredient to your skin, you will both prevent acne scars from forming and remove those that already exist. Collaxyl works by breaking down scar tissue and healing inflamed or damaged tissue. Imagine the possibilities if the clinical experiments mentioned above were done twice daily instead of only once over a 72-hour span.