Actor Headshots – Five Winning Secrets For Good Headshots

Are you prepared to take actor headshots? Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your headshot photo session if you’ve already chosen a headshot photographer and have your wardrobe, hair, and makeup figured out.

Take a single universal headshot. Choosing a few different “looks” that suggest character styles (white collar, girl next door, etc.) while getting your actor headshots taken is a smart idea. However, since you won’t be able to have a look that’s ideal for any role you choose to audition for, you should also have a “universal headshot” – a straight on, no nonsense, what you see is what you get headshot that shows the world who you are. It shouldn’t be a tense or happy clip. If you have a decent “universal headshot,” you’ll find yourself using it more and more, and it’ll help the casting director remember your face (who keeps seeing one same photo over and over). Since it’s full of possibilities, that sort of headshot will get you work. What is the best way to achieve the perfect look? It’s all in the eyes, which brings us to our next headshot suggestion…Find additional information at Stepanyan Photography: Los Angeles Headshot Photographer, Los Angeles.

Make up a lie. Actors frequently spend a lot of time worrying about their makeup and make-up while planning for a headshot photography session, but they forget the most critical aspect of their success – their acting. Particularly for actors, being comfortable and transparent in front of the camera does not come easily. Good headshot photographers can help, but if you’re willing to “say a storey” with your eyes, you’ll get even better results. Consider what you want to convey in your actor headshots the night before the shoot, then write down a one-liner for each goal. Maintain a straightforward approach. Consider how you can express yourself or what you want with the fewest possible words (for example, “I just want to get to know you”), and then say the sentence with your eyes.

Mix up your headshots. The night before your headshot session, make a playlist on your iPod. Choose different music for the various looks you’ve anticipated. Don’t be concerned about finding cool music. You’re not going to get any modelling photos. Choose music that makes you feel good. Close your eyes and think about how what song makes you feel before deciding if this is the right “mood” for your headshots. If that’s the case, include it in your mix and loop it if necessary. Most headshot photographers welcome working with actors’ music during photo shoots because it helps them relax and get into character for their various “looks.”

Coffee and cigarettes should be avoided. A headshot photographer advised me to stop drinking coffee two weeks before the photo shoot to prevent bags under the eyes. You could get headaches if you don’t drink coffee, but it will help you achieve a pleasant skin tone and overall fresh look that you won’t have to Photoshop for hours. Of course, quitting smoking is another way to change your skin.

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